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*** Notice to all would be remaster creators ***
« on: April 09, 2012, 05:48:00 PM »
Regarding submitting "officially sanctioned PCLinuxOS community remasters"

In an effort to streamline our team efforts & further tighten the development of PCLinuxOS,
we have decided to formally state what has always been an understanding in the past.

This will give a better expectation of what is required for a remaster in order for it to qualify for that status.

Officially sanctioned remasters will be hosted at ibiblio and the mirrors that sync to ibiblio,
they will be listed on the "get PCLinuxOS" page at the main site.
They will also have the full support of the forum.

It is important to note this does not effect personal remasters, and should anybody wish to
remaster for redistribution they can do so, as long as they remove all reference to PCLinuxOS.
The phrase "based on PCLinuxOS" or "derived from PCLinuxOS" may be used, if such remasters do
not create any controversy for PCLinuxOS.

What follows is a non-exhaustive list of the minimal expectations

1> the submitted remaster should have no less hardware recognition than the main release.
   ie: it should provide up to date HW support as provided from PCLinuxOS KDE, that means that
       remasters must always include the latest available stable kernel, firmware, the latest
       available stable drivers, including but not limited to network and wireless drivers,
       video drivers, tools for configuring hardware, ...  

2> the submitted remaster should have a standard set of minimal services set to start at boot
   ie: acpid, alsa, atd, cron, cpufreq, D-BUS/messagebus, network, sound, udev-post, uuid.

3> the submitted remaster should not intentionally remove any functionality of standard configuration tools
   ie: PCLinuxOS control center should be available and usable
4> the submitted remaster must retain full compatibility with existing repos
   ie: Do not pin packages. This causes update problems for users.
       Do not add experimental features to the kernel or add dkms modules not in our repository.
5> the submitted remaster must not include non-repo packages nor any non-repo scripts,
   other than general in-situ configurations, themes and wallpapers
   ie: if there is a particular app required - request its inclusion into the repo prior
       to submitting the remaster.
We will continue to look at the existing range of sanctioned remasters and review the relevance/need
of the remaster. If a remaster's relevance can be included within another remaster then we may attempt
to append its functionality within the other remaster. These reviews will be done adhoc as time allows.

Thanks for reading