Jun 15

Kernel 4.11.5 available for PCLinuxOS

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Kernel 4.11.5 is now available for PCLinuxOS and can be installed via the Synaptic Package Manager. The technical changelog can be found here.

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Jun 14

KDE Plasma Desktop updated to 5.10.2

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The KDE Plasma Desktop has been updated to 5.10.2. This update along with KDE applications currently at 17.04.2 and KDE frameworks currently at 5.35.0 brings the KDE Plasma desktop to the most current version from the KDE developers.

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Jun 11

Qt5/KDE Plasma 5 Update

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Qt 5.9.0 has been released. A lot of work has been put into it, making Qt 5.9 the best Qt version developed so far.  Qt 5.9 another long-term supported (LTS) release. The previous LTS release, Qt 5.6, was starting to show it’s age, and many users asked for a more up to date version of Qt that they could use as a basis for long running projects. Some of the major changes since Qt 5.6 include more than 2000 bug fixes all over Qt5.

In addition to the Qt5 update, KDE apps have been updated to 17.04.02. Frameworks to 5.35.0 and the Plasma Desktop to 5.10.1

Please reboot after this update is complete through the Synaptic Package Manager to avoid future regret.


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