Dec 18

PCLinuxOS 2010.12 holiday CDs available

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We baked up some fresh ISOs for PCLinuxOS. They are gui hot and delicious. PCLinuxOS 2010.12 holiday CDs are now available for KDE 4, Gnome, LXDE, XFCE and Enlightenment desktops featuring the latest updates from the PCLinuxOS software repository.  All CD features kernel kernel for maximum desktop performance. Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support. Multimedia playback support for many popular formats. Wireless support for many network devices. Printer support for many local and networked printer devices. Addlocale allows you to convert PCLinuxOS into over 60 languages. GetOpenOffice can install Open Office supporting over 100 languages. MyLiveCD allows you  to take a snapshot of  your installation and burn it to a LiveCD/DVD. PCLinuxOS-liveusb – allows you to install PCLinuxOS on a USB key disk.

KDE Desktop ISO
Size: 692 MB
Md5Sum: 72f39788908f11ccc630bd5bfef2d53e
Download Link

Size: 674 MB
Md5Sum: e500113087c41ae772fead0e77e03b5b
Download Link

LXDE Desktop ISO
Size: 593MB
Md5Sum: cfc345a7d8f264823b421e575de5fb00
Download Link

XFCE Desktop ISO
Size: 640 MB
MD5Sum: 9f656c05938c93dfba09f09c1a85132f
Download Link

Size: 700 MB
Md5Sum: 8d032ec6613fea4ab3dddfc7593470e6
Download Link

Torrent links located here.

More information available from our download page. Happy Holidays from Team PCLinuxOS!

Please note: You do not need to download and install this release if you have been keeping up with your updates. This is mainly for those new to PCLinuxOS so they don’t have so many downloads to perform to get updated to current status.

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Dec 16

PCLinuxOS Enlightenment (E-17) Beta 3 desktop ready

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We’re excited to announce the PCLinuxOS Enlightenment Desktop packages have been updated to the third beta release of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. After a huge amount of work by the Enlightenment  developers, they are finally approaching the 1.0 release, and are asking for the community to help test this version in the widest array possible of configurations so that they can be confident their final product will be rock-solid! This update will appear in your Synaptic Package Manager shortly  if you have the Enlightenment desktop installed.

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Dec 03

December 2010 issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

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The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the December 2010 issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine. The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine is a product of the PCLinuxOS community, published by volunteers from the community. The magazine is lead by Paul Arnote, Chief Editor, and Assistant Editors Andrew Strick and Meemaw. The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license, and some rights are reserved.

In the December 2010 issue:

* e17: An Overview
* e17: Beginner Desktop Tweaks
* e17: Shelves & Drawers Explained
* OpenOffice 3.2, Part 7: Letters & Labels
* Monitor Your System With GKrellM
* Alternate OS: Kolibri, Part 1
* Repo Spotlight: PCLinuxOS FLV Player & Converter
* Computer Languages A to Z: Tcl/Tk
* Firefox Add-ons: CoLT
* 2nd Annual PCLinuxOS Holiday Gift Guide
* And much more!

This month’s cover pays homage to the winter holidays. It features some original art work from ms_meme, coupled with some public domain clipart, from the OpenClipArt gallery.

Download the PDF (11 MB)

Alternate download site

Visit the HTML Version

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Dec 02

KDE 4.5.4 now available for PCLinuxOS

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As of today, the latest release in KDE’s 4.5 series is 4.5.4, which adds a bunch of stabilization and translation updates on top of 4.5. PCLinuxOS users in general are encouraged to upgrade to 4.5.4. This update is available through the Synaptic Package manager if you have KDE 4 installed.

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