May 12

The long anticipated release of PCLinuxOS 2010 finally arrived a few weeks ago and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Even with the new crew and new features, it’s still very much PCLOS. Easy-to-use, lots of features, and stability are its hallmarks, but this release adds high performance to that list.

Full Review here.

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May 10

May 2010 PCLinuxOS Magazine Cover

The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the May 2010 issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine. The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine is a product of the PCLinuxOS community, published by volunteers from the community. The magazine is lead by Paul Arnote, Chief Editor, and Andrew Strick, Assistant Editor. The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license, and some rights are reserved.

In the May 2010 issue:

Forum Etiquette: Being A Good Citizen
April Showers Bring … 9 New ISO’s!
KDE 4: Widgets Galore
KDE 4: Panel Keeps Pace & Place
Taste Test Of The PCLinuxOS Flavors
Forum Foibles: Forum Book Reviews
Ms_meme’s nook: Quiet Nights
Computer Languages A to Z: Korn Shell
Command Line Interface Intro: Part 8
Zip-Player Plays Music Archives: Part 1
Screenshot Showcase
Behind The Scenes: Wamukota &
PCLinuxOS Folding Team
and much, much more!

This month’s cover features artwork from Timeth, reflecting the various flavors of PCLinuxOS.

Download the PDF (12 MB)

Visit the HTML Version

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May 10

PCLinuxOS 2010 OpenBox Edition now available

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About the PCLinuxOS Openbox  Desktop.

Release Date: 05-10-2010
Size: 602MB
Md5Sum:  c878272fbcbb6e1d71041ac49e1f5390
Produced by: Melodie

Info: PCLinuxOS 2010 Openbox Edition provides a full featured desktop showcasing the small, fast, and fully compliant Openbox Window Manager.

Internet applications include Firefox web browser, Slypheed email client, Pino twitter client and Pidgin for instant messaging. Office applications include Abiword word processor, Gnumeric spreadsheet and Mozilla Sunbird calender. Graphic applications include Gimp, gqview, and MTPaint. Editors include Vi, Geany. Archving applications include Gnome Baker and Xarchiver. File Tool applications are handled via PCMan. Sound and video playback is done through Beep Media Player and SMplayer. If you need a fast lightweight desktop then PCLinuxOS Openbox Edition is for you.


Kernel kernel for maximum desktop performance.
Openbox Desktop with Tint2 panel
Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support.
Multimedia playback support for many popular formats.
Wireless support for many network devices.
Printer support for many local and networked printer devices.
Addlocale allows you to convert PCLinuxOS into over 60 languages.
GetOpenOffice can install Open Office supporting over 100 languages.
MyLiveCD allows you  to take a snapshot of  your installation and burn it to a LiveCD/DVD.

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May 04

PCLinuxOS 2010.1 KDE 4 Edition now available for download. Linux kernel updated to Linux kernel- also available from our software repository,  KDE SC Desktop upgraded to version 4.4.3.  Added support for Realtek RTL8191SE/RTL8192SE WiFi cards. Added support for Microdia webcams. Added vim console text editor.  Added udftools. Fixed cdrom ejection when using the Copy to RAM feature.  Fixed KDE new widget download. Updated Nvidia (195.36.24) and Ati fglrx (8.723) drivers. Updated all supporting applications and libraries from the software repository which include security updates and bug fixes.

Release Date: 05-05-10
ISO Size: 692 MB
MD5Sum: d2f8c4068a0d07c3fc4a1dcc252310da

Download here.

Please note if you have already installed  the PCLinuxOS 2010 release you can simply update it from the Synaptic Software Manager. You do not need to download and  install the 2010.1 release.

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